Lakers Golf National Tournament recap

Lakers Golf National Tournament recap

The Lakers' Victor Prokop and Steve Dolan are at the mid-point of the Division II National Golf Tournament. Nationals are held at the Longbow Golf Course in Mesa, Arizona this week. It has been quite a whirlwind since qualifying in Battle Creek, Michigan last week. The pair qualified last Tuesday and made it back to campus late Tuesday night. From there, they had three days to practice and get themselves prepared for the National Tournament. Coaches Bobby Cala and Zach Underwood helped them on the quick turn-around which saw them leaving for Phoenix (Mesa) on Saturday. They arrived in Phoenix Saturday night, practiced Sunday and Monday, and attended the special recognition banquet on Monday night. Tournament play began on Tuesday and will continue through Friday afternoon. So far, one of the biggest challenges besides the time zone change has been the temperature. Every day has been in the mid to upper 90s. Tuesday, while they were playing, the temperature rose to 107 degrees.

Victor Prokop has led the way for the pair during the first two days. On day one, he shot a 78 and he followed that with an 81 on day two. Coach Cala has been happy with his consistent play and is looking forward to even better play over the next two days. Steve Dolan had an uncharacteristic 95 on day one, but followed that with a respectable 83 on day 2. Despite a tough opening day one, Coach Cala is confident that Steve has found his rhythm and will finish the tournament strong.


*UPDATE 5/26/17*

Day three provided some relief in terms of weather as the temperatures dropped to 99 degrees throughout the day. The Lakers' Victor Prokop and Steve Dolan continued to battle in the National Tournament.  Prokop continued to be a model of consistency as he shot an 82 in the third round.  This, coupled with his 78 and 81 in the first two rounds, has left him tied for 89th place heading into the final round of play. Steve Dolan shot a 90 in his third round of play. He combines this score with his previous scores of 95 and 83 has him sitting in 133rd place going into the final day of play. 

Prokop and Dolan are the first tandem to qualify for Nationals in golf since before 2000. It's an outstanding accomplishment to get this far and we wish them both the best of luck! Go Lakers!


*UPDATE 5/30/17*

On the final day of the national tournament, the Lakers' Victor Prokop shot an 81 for a final score of 322. With that score, he finished tied for 92nd place in the tournament. Throughout the tournament, Prokop was very consistent as he shot scores of 78, 81, 82, and 81. Steve Dolan finished with a 78 on the final day which moved him into a 128th place finish. Dolan was inconsistent at the start but in the end showed he could handle the course. Throughout the tournament he scored a 95, 83, 90, and 78 for a total score of 346.

Coach Cala states, "It was a very good experience for both student-athletes. It is hoped this experience will help Steve as he moves on to Defiance College in the fall. I also hope this helps Victor as he transfers to Ohio State in the fall and looks to continue playing golf."

Coach Cala continues, "It is always good for Lakeland Community College to be represented at a national tournament. I hope that this will help provide the incentive and motivation for next years' golfers to strive to achieve that level of success".