Kallista Hribar
Kallista Hribar

Meet SPS Athlete Kallista Hribar

Kallista Hribar
Women’s Softball
Joined SPS: May 2015

Not many athletes have come through our doors with the raw strength and athleticism quite like Kallista. Having taken a break from sports performance, she reignited her training with Coach Andrew this past fall as she prepares for her collegiate career playing softball for Lakeland College in Ohio. Her past few months of training have increased several of her personal records in a host of lifts:

Clean:  155lbs (+25lbs)
Back Squat: 205lbs (+75lbs)
Bench Press: 140lbs (+10lbs)

Always coming in with a smile and story to tell, she seeks out training challenges to conquer — from new exercise techniques to one-upping other athletes.  “It’s a great program,” she says, “I love coming here and the trainers are easy to talk to.”  After getting strong, now it’s time to get fast!  Her next block of training will include more velocity-specific movements.  No doubt with her work ethic and positive attitude she will see gains in her sprint times, vertical jump, and bat speed. Great work, Kallista!


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*EDIT - 5/19/17

Hribar was recently profiled by Peter Jackel of RacineSportsZone.com in an article highlighting her potential as a new player for Lakeland softball.

See the full article here.



*EDIT - 6/21/17

Hribar receivs honor as the top senior infielder/catcher as part of the WSN Senior Softball Awards.

See the full article here.